Samtrade FX Hires Derick Tan as its New Member of BoA & Brand Ambassador


May 28, 2019: Samtrade FX has proudly announced that it has hired globally renowned trader and investor, Derick Tan as its Brand Ambassador and Advisor. The award-winning company is an emerging online trading brokerage in providing Forex Trading and other related services, and it has hired Derick to help it in growing and remaining on top of its game in today’s competitive market. Derick is an accomplished industry expert, a renowned author, a serial entrepreneur and a globally acclaimed speaker and trainer.

“Samtrade FX strives hard to offer the ultimate trading experience for each of its valued clients and I am excited to become a part of this highly skilled team of industry professionals.” Said Derick Tan, while talking to the media at the contract signing ceremony. “Our infrastructure is the most superior in this region and our team is fully committed to supporting the traders who join us, which makes this this professional responsibility more interesting for me and my colleagues.” He added. Samtrade FX has a network of regional presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, as well as Thailand to provide an all-round, personalized service to its clients and partners.

In addition, Samtrade FX also won the Best Forex Broker of the Year in 2017, along with many other great accomplishments in the industry over the years. The company is registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and it has an expanding reach in many Asian economies. With Derick Tan on board as such an important member of its team, the company is simply bringing new excitement to the very concepts of brokerage in the world of forex trading and investment.

As a member of the Board of Advisors, Derick Tan will have several key responsibilities at Samtrade FX. His primary job will be to ensure that the brokerage is moving in the right direction through the competitive environment of the forex industry. Moreover, Derick is one of those business leaders, who set an example for others by leading from the front. His involvement in matters of strategic importance make him a great choice for the company and its growing team in the region. Furthermore, Derick has also been congratulated on this appointment by the senior management as well as the staff of Samtrade.

About Derick Tan

Derick Tan is an active trader and investor in the stock, commodities, currencies, bonds and property markets since 1999. Besides being a gifted author, speaker, trainer and media personality, he is also a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Timing & You program and Dreampreneur Pte Ltd. He has recently joined Samtrade FX as a member of the Board of Advisors as well as its Brand Ambassador.

About Samtrade FX


Samtrade FX is an all new online trading brokerage in providing Forex Trading and other related services. We are founded with one clear objective – to provide traders with safe, easy, as well as low cost access to foreign exchange markets. Our founders and partners are all traders themselves and have extensive trading experience in Forex and CFD. At the same time, our shareholders were all reputable figures in the financial industry. Our Advisory Board, with their extensive knowledge and experience, is able to provide our clients with unrivaled professional training and advice.